Swimming pool or swim spa

Many people prefer to opt for a swim spa as well as those who still hesitate between a swim spa and a swimming pool. Are you still not sure what to choose between the two? This article will guide you a bit in your choice. And when you have decided which one to commit to, do not hesitate to do a price comparison on rates-spa.com so that you know the right plan for the purchase of your spa.

Electricity consumption

It is first brought to your attention that it depends on the efficiency of the insulation and the pumps used. Indeed, those which have a hydraulicity which is not adapted consume much more. Also, if the basin is not well insulated, there will be a loss of heat which must be supplemented by the machinery. Taking into account its various points, we have seen that the swim spa consumes 3 times less electricity than the heated swimming pool.

For regular use

In general, the use is 6 months per year for a typical swimming pool. This can decrease by 4 months depending on the region and the weather. However, if you buy a swim spa, you can use it all year round because the season has little impact on it.

At the installation level

If you want to install a swimming pool, you first need a declaration to the town hall or even a building permit. However, this declaration will increase your property tax. In addition, its location can last up to 3 weeks. On the other hand, the swim spa only requires a few days of work.

What about the cost of maintenance?

While cleaning a swimming pool requires a landing net, a vacuum cleaner, etc., all of this is not necessary to have a clean swim spa. This is thanks to the fact that it is provided with a double filtration system which automatically filters the surface and the bottom. So, for its maintenance, we only need to provide for the cost of maintenance products, which varies according to the volume of water to be treated.

Regarding versatility

With the swim spa, you can gain well-being while exercising thanks to its exercise bars and massage seats. Also, its countercurrent swimming system allows swimming without a single turn. Unlike that, it takes a lot of back and forth to swim 1km in a pool.

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