Which disinfectant for a good spa treatment?

Water treatment is essential for better water quality in jacuzzi bathtubs. Here is a guide to help you choose the type of treatment for your spa, know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of treatment.
Chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, PHMB, ozone or UV, are all disinfectants. Among them, we used to use chlorine mostly for swimming pools, but now the others have become commonplace.

NB: for an effective treatment, it is important to know the volume of spa water.

Chlorine treatment

Before using chlorine, it is imperative that the water in your spa is well balanced, because chlorine is quite dangerous, but cheaper. It is presented in lozenge in specialized shops for sale in jacuzzi or spa sale. It is placed in a skimmer or doser to allow the chlorine to disperse effectively.
It is not very suitable for the spa as it is sensitive to high temperatures, and does not work effectively above 28 ° C.

NB: for inflatable spas, check the indication carefully, because it is generally not recommended for this one.

Bromine treatment

As a disinfectant, bromine is very effective, it has the same characteristics as chlorine except that it gains in stability and it is much less sensitive to high temperatures, UV rays and changes in pH. That's not all, it is odorless, and doesn't produce any byproducts that cause eye and skin irritation like chlorine.
For spa treatment, bromine is perfect.

To supplement the bromine treatment, active oxygen which is a bromine activator is ideal because it regenerates the bromine consumed.
Chlorine based products are not compatible with bromine, so for shock treatment, use other products such as hydrogen peroxide.

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